HSS643: Field course in palaeoanthropology and allied disciplines

        [Cr:4, Lc:1, Tt:1, Lb:3]

Course Outline

This course is designed for interested students who require the learning of applied field methods in palaeoanthropology and its sub-disciplines such as archaeology, geology and palaeontology, among others. Additional sub-disciplines that may be included, depending on the nature of the instructors’ project(s), are experimental archaeology, rock art studies, taphonomy, palaeontology, actualistic studies and/or required methods from Quaternary studies and other scientific disciplines. There will be no traditional classroom lectures, and knowledge will be gained primarily through demonstrations, lectures and hands-on participation in the field. While the fieldwork will take place off campus, associated tasks may also include laboratory analyses at IISER Mohali and other suitable scientific labs across India through collaborative links.

Recommended Reading