HSS648: Development Economics: Theory, Policy and Practice

        [Cr:4, Lc:3, Tt:0, Lb:0]

Course Outline

The course on “Development Economics: Theory, Policy and Practice” is designed to introduce the students to (a) basic and alternative concepts, (b) theories and models and (c) measurements of development, growth, poverty, inequality and institutions. This course aims to give students an understanding of the causes, consequences, and patterns of growth and development; structural features; and key debates in contemporary policy concerns with special reference to economies in developing countries. The course intends to discuss the role of various institutions, the state and governance in economic development.

1. Introduction to Development Economics

2. Economic Growth

3. Poverty, Inequality and Vulnerability

4. Health and Education

5. Rural and Urban Economy: Interaction and Linkages

6. Land Market

7. Labour Market

8. Credit Markets, Finance and Insurance

9. Institutions and role of governance in economic development

10. International Trade and Policy

Recommended Readings

*Pre-requisites: Intermediate microeconomics and macroeconomics.