HSS650:  Public Policy

        [Cr:4, Lc:3, Tt:0, Lb:0]

Course Outline

Public policy has made immense progress over last couple of decades. There has been a continuous development over theoretical discourse and practices around public policy debate and analysis. This course intends to comprehend some of the essential analytical concepts, theories and analytical tools of policy analysis. Key questions for guiding this course are: Why do we need public policy? What is the context in which policy decisions are needed and made? What are the processes of public policies? Public policies are full of visions and promises. However, in practice, there are inherent tensions and constraints that co-exist with visions in public policies. This course will explore many of these paradoxes of public policy research by reviewing various policies such as welfare, health care, labour market, foreign policy, national security, climate change and environment, urbanisation, federalism, immigration, and inclusive citizenship.

Recommended Reading