IDC412: Field Experience in Science Education

        [Cr:4, Lc:0, Tt:0, Lb:0]

Course Outline

For completing the minor in Science Education it is mandatory for students to undertake this full semester, field experience based, 4 credit course. The students will be eligible for the field experience course only after completing at least one of the courses of the Science Education minor.




The course would require some introductory sessions with the students to help them un- derstand the purpose, the underlying philosophy and the dos and donts regarding the field work. During these sessions the students would be given an overview of the course and sug- gestions about the possible options. Based on these interactions the students are expected to decide about the area they want to explore. Further details regarding the work would be developed after a few visits by the students to the institution of their choice. Based on their experiences each student would be required to write a reflective journal. To share and discuss their experiences there would be fortnightly sessions with all the students where the confusions and bottle-necks would also be dealt with.


The field work could be done in teams or individually depending on the student’s choice and also, institute’s requirement. While the work may be done collaboratively or indi- vidually, each student will be required to submit a analytical report. Additionally, they are also expected to make a visual presentation of the work which will be followed by a question-answer session with the assessment team.During the presentation, students may be asked questions based on their written report as well. Therefore, the final assessment will be based on both, the written report and the presentation. In brief, for assessment purposes the students are required to do following two tasks: 1. Submit an analytical individual report, and 2. Team or individual visual presentation of the work.