IISERM Colloquia and Seminars - 2007


17. Seminar 7th December 2007 (Fri 4:00 pm) Dr. Ashwini Kumar Sharma (TU Clausthal, Germany)

"Mid-infrared fiber-optic laser sensor for the detection of explosives".

16. Colloquium 6th December 2007 (Thurs 4:00 pm) Dr. Jozef Gruska (Masaryk University, Czech Republik)

"Mysteries, puzzles and gold mines of quantum information processing".

15. Colloquium 5th December 2007 (Wed 4:00 pm) Prof. A.K.Mallik (IIT, Kanpur)

"The mathemagical black holes".

14. Seminar 26th November 2007 (Mon 4:00 pm) Dr. Sanjay Mandal (Clariant Corp., Florida USA)

"Use of transition metal catalysts in organic synthesis".

13. Seminar 23rd November 2007 (Fri 4:00 pm) Dr. U.P.Singh (Bath Univ, UK)

"Enzymatic and structural characterization of amphinase - a novel cytotoxic protein".

12. Seminar 16th November 2007 (Fri 4:00 pm) Dr. Samir K Maji (Salk Institute, La Jolla USA)

"Amyloid aggregation: from dark side to novel therapeutics".

11. 15th November 2007 (Thurs 4:00 pm) Dr. Ashwani Kumar Tiwari (TU Denmark, Copenhagen)

"Laser control of molecular dynamics".

10. Seminar 7th November 2007 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. Navinder Singh (IOP, Bhubhaneswar)

"Onsager-Machlup theory and work fluctuation theorem for a harmonically driven Brownian particle".

9. Colloquium 17th October 2007 (Wed 4:00 pm) Prof. P. Sen, S. Ghosh, N. Sathyamurthy (IMTECH, IISER Mohali)

"Special Session on the 2007 Nobel prizes in Medicine, Physics, and Chemistry".

8. Seminar 10th October 2007 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. J. S. Bagla (HRI, Allahabad)

"Simulating formation of large scale structure in the universe".

7. Colloquium 2nd October 2007 (Tue 10:00 am) Prof. R. V. Hosur (TIFR, Mumbai)

"New Horizons in Protein NMR".

6. Colloquium 19th September 2007 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. C. S. Aulakh (PU, Chandigarh)

"Grand Unification Redux".

5. Colloquium 4th September 2007 (Tue 4:00 pm) Prof. S. Chandrasekaran (IISc, Bangalore)

"Chemistry in Everyday Life".

4. Colloquium 3rd September 2007 (Mon 4:00 pm) Dr. T. Ramasami (Secretary, DST)

"Reflections of a Chemist".

3. Seminar 30th August 2007 (Thurs 4:00 pm) Dr. Samrat Ghosh (Angstrom Power Inc., Vancouver)

"Solution synthesis of functional materials".

2. Seminar 27th August 2007 (Mon 4:00 pm) Dr. Desh Deepak Singh (IIAR Gandhinagar)

"Modern Biology: the great melting pot".

1. Colloquium 23rd August 2007 (Thurs 4:00 pm) Prof. I. B. S. Passi (IISER Mohali)

"Evariste Galois (1811-1832) and his Theory of Equations".