IISERM Colloquia and Seminars - 2008


90. Seminar 30th December 2008 (Tue 3:30 pm) Dr. Satyandra Tomar

"Cost effective guaranteed a posteriori error estimates for discontinuous Galerkin approximations".

89. Seminar 11th December 2008 (Thu 4:00 pm) Dr. S. Shankaranarayanan (University of Portsmouth, UK)

"Inflation driven by a Bose-Einstein condensate".

88. Seminar 10th December 2008 (Wed 12:00 pm) Prof. R. S. Kulkarni, (IIT, Bombay)

"Some algebra and geometry of quaternions".

87. Colloquium 20th November 2008 (Thu 5:00 pm) Dr. Anil Kumar (IISc., Bangalore)

"NMR ; a versatile technique for biomolecular structure determination, MRI and Quantum Computing".

86. Seminar 19th November 2008 (Wed 4:00 pm) Prof. Sanjay G. Dhande (Director IIT, Kanpur)

"Beauty in Geometry".

85. Seminar 12th November 2008 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. Jayendra Nath Bandyopadhyay (MPI-PKS Dresden, Germany)

"Quantum Signatures of Chaos : Entanglement and 1/f Noise".

84. Seminar 10th November 2008 (Mon 4:00 pm) Dr. Chayan Kanti Nandi (Goathe Universitat, Germany)

"Spectroscopic investigation on the binding of biomolecular complexes in solution and in ultra-cold gas phase".

83. Seminar 5th November 2008 (Wed 5:00 m) Dr R. P. Singh (PRL, Ahmedabad)

"Optical Vortices: Light Beams with Helical Wavefront".

82. Seminar 4th November 2008 (Tue 4:00pm) Prof. Anantha Padmanabhan (Former Director, IIT Kanpur)


81. Seminar 4th November 2008 (Tue 3:00pm) Dr. Samrat Mukhopadhyay (The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, California)

"Prying into a Self-replicating Prion Amyloid".

80. Seminar 3rd November 2008 (Mon 4:00 pm) Dr. Kailash Chand Pandey (SFGH-UCSF, San Francisco, USA)

"Structure-Function Analysis of Malarial Cysteine Proteases-Falcipains."

79. Seminar 29th October 2008 (Wed 5:00 pm) Dr. Tapan Mukherjee (IISER Mohali)

"Nobel Prizes 2008 A Session (Chemistry Nobel)".

78. Seminar 29th October 2008 (Wed 4:30 pm) Dr. Jagdeep Singh (IISER Mohali)

"Nobel Prizes 2008: A Session (Medicine Nobel)".

77. Seminar 29th October 2008 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. Anjan Kumar Giri (Punjabi University)

"Nobel Prizes 2008: A Session (Physics Nobel) ".

76. Seminar 22nd October 2008 (Wed 3:00 pm) Dr. Renu Garg (University of North Carolina )

"Soybean based Oral Vaccine against Staphylococcus Enterotoxin B".

75. Seminar 3rd October 2008 (Fri 4:00 pm) Dr. U. Lourderaj (Texas Tech University, USA)

"Computational Studies of Dynamics of Chemical Reactions".

74. Seminar 3rd October 2008 (Fri 3:00 pm) Prof. Prabodh Pol and Dr. Srinivas Kelkar

"Microscale Experiments in Chemistry".

73. Seminar 1st October 2008 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. Sarika Jalan (MPI-PKS Dresden, Germany)

"Coherence at different levels: Synchronization, Symbolic synchronization and all that!".

72. Public Lecture 19th September 2008 (Fri 5:00 pm) Prof. Vinod Kumar (University of Lucknow)

"Keeping Life on Time: Avian Perspective".

71. Colloquium 18th September 2008 (Thu 5:15 pm) Prof. Amitabh Joshi (JNCASR Banglore)

"Shaikh Mohammad Iqbal: His Life, Poetry and Thoughts".

70. Colloquium 17th September 2008 (Wed 4:00 pm) Prof. Amitabh Joshi (JNCASR Banglore)

"Metapopulation Dynamics in the Laboratory".

69. Seminar 11th September 2008 (Thu 11:00 am) Dr. Praful S. Singru

"Melanocortin signaling system operates the hypothalamic neural circuitry to regulate food intake, satiety and energy expenditure".

68. Seminar 10th September 2008 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. Mangala Sunder (IIT Madras)

"Microwave Spectroscopy of Non-rigid van der Waals complexes and Stark effect".

67. Seminar 9th September 2008 (Tue 5:00 pm) Dr. Swami Budhananda

"Renaissance in science in the post modern era".

66. Seminar 5th September 2008 (Fri 4:00 pm) Prof. H. S. Mani (Chennai Mathematical Institute)

"Sling shot effect of satellites".

65. Colloquium 2nd September 2008 (Tue 4:00 pm) Prof. Krishna N. Ganesh (Director IISER, Pune)

"Excitements in Chemical Sciences: The new age of molecules".

64. Seminar 2nd September 2008 (Tue 10:00 am) Dr. Ramesh Ramachandran (IIT, Roorkee)

"Solid-state NMR? where Physics meets Chemistry and Biology".

63. Seminar 2nd September 2008 (Tue 9:00 am) Dr. Devdutt Chaturvedi (RRL, Jammu)

"Synthetic Methodologies for bioactive molecules".

62. Seminar 27th August 2008 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. Bindiya Arora

"Modeling of atomic systems for atomic clocks and quantum information".

61. Seminar 27th August 2008 (Wed 3:00 pm) Dr. Karunesh Arora (University of Michigan, USA)

"Mechanistic role of Adenylate Kinase and Dihydrofolate reducatse conformational dynamics illuminated via its energy landscape investigations".

60. Seminar 20th August 2008 (Wed 4:00 pm) Prof. Dipankar Chatterji

"A tiny molecular machine and the central dogma of molecular biology".

59. Seminar 19th August 2008 (Tue 10:00 am) Prof. Bidyendu M. Deb (IISER, Kolkata)

"An Experiment in Nonlinear Dynamics: Coalescence of all Basic Sciences".

58. Seminar 18th August 2008 (Mon 5:00 pm) Prof. Bidyendu M. Deb (IISER, Kolkata)

"Glimpses Into the Magical World of Chemistry".

57. Seminar 11th August 2008 (Mon 4:00 pm) Dr. Dibyendu Bhattacharyya

"Deciphering the transition ER-Sites".

56. Seminar 8th August 2008 (Fri 4:00 pm) Dr. Abhijeet Bardapurkar

"Causality in Darwin's theory and a tale of misplaced metaphors".

55. Seminar 6th August 2008 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. Kapil Krishan

"Molecular to macroscopic instabilities in fluid flows".

54. Colloquium 29th July 2008 (Tue 4:00 pm) Dr. K. S. Viswanathan (IGCAR, Kalpakkam)

"Spectroscopy in cryogenic matrices: From conformations to high temperature chemistry".

53. Seminar 25th July 2008 (Fri 2:30 pm) Dr. Harjinder Singh (III-T, Hyderabad)

"Controlling nuclear motion in molecules".

52. Seminar 17th July 2008 (Thur 11:00 am) Dr. Tarkeshwar Gupta (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)

"Molecular-based Monolayer and Multilayer thin film Switches, Sensors, Communication and Boolean Logic Intogration".

51. Seminar 3rd July 2008 (Thur 4:00 pm) Dr. Lingaraj Sahu

"Characterization of unitary Processes with independent and stationary increments".

50. Seminar 2nd June 2008 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. Manish Shrimali

"Chaos and Information Processing".

49. Seminar 13th June 2008 (Fri 3:00 pm) Dr. Amit Kulshrestha (ISI, Delhi)

"Do subfields determine everything about quaternion algebras?".

48. Seminar 12th June 2008 (Thu 4:00 pm) Dr. S. Chakraverty

"Boundary Characteristic Orthogonal Polynomials and other New Modeling Methods in Vibration Problems".

47. Seminar 12th June 2008 (Thu 3:00 pm) Dr. Chanchal Kumar (University of Jammu)

"Cellular Resolution of Generalized Permutohedron Ideals".
"Novel laser spectroscopic techniques and reaction Dynamics in vapour phase".

46. Seminar 9th June 2008 (Mon 4:00 pm) Dr. Manoj K. Yadav

"Some Problems in Automorphisms of Finite p-Groups".

45. Seminar 4th June 2008 (Wed 11:00 am) Dr. Kapil Sharma PU Chandigarh

"Numerical Analysis of Boundary Value Problems for Singularly Perturbed Differential Difference Equations".

44. Seminar 4th June 2008 (Wed 10:00 am) Dr. Baljit Singh

"Wave Propasgation in Elastic Solids".

43. Seminar 28th May 2008 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. Neeladri Das (UCAL Irvine USA)

"Coordination driven self-assembly of discrete supramolecular structures".

42. Seminar 22nd May 2008 (Thu 4:00 pm) Dr. Rajendra Srivastava

"Nanoporous Materials for Catalysis".

41. Seminar 19th May 2008 (Mon 4:00 pm) Dr. Ashish Kumar (Oxford)

"Bioinformatics and its application in post genomic era".

40. Seminar 9th May 2008 (Fri 4:00 pm) Dr. Pranay Goel (Ohio State University)

"Glucose sensing in pancreatic islets: a modern perspective".

39. Seminar 24th April 2008 (Thr 4:00 pm) Dr. Alok Sharan (Pondicherry University)

"Nonlinear Optics in Ferroelectrics : Use as a probe and some applications".

38. Seminar 17th April 2008 (Thr 11:00 am) Dr. Sai Jagan Mohan (Bangalore)

"Symmetry in buckling analysis of domes and shells".

37. Seminar 16th April 2008 (Wed 10:00 am) Dr. Ramandeep S. Johal (Lyallpur Khalsa College, Jalandhar)

"Maximum Work Extraction in Quantum Heat Engines".

36. Seminar 10th April 2008 (Thr 3:00 pm) Dr. Senthil Kumar Venugopal (UCDavis Medical Center, Sacramento USA)

"Alternate therapies for liver damage treatment".

35. Colloquium 9th April 2008 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. Bhanu Das (IIA, Bangalore)

"Atoms as Probes of the Unification of Fundamental Forces".

34. Colloquium 7th April 2008 (Mon 5:00 pm) Prof. Joern Manz (Freie Universitaet Berlin)

"Quantum dynamics simulations for laser pulse control of photochemical processes".

33. Seminar 2nd April 2008 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. P. B. Sunil Kumar (IIT, Madras)

"Modeling biological membranes and the cytoskeleton".

32. Seminar 1st April 2008 (Tue 3:00 pm) Dr. Rakesh Singh (Lund University, Sweden)

"Understanding leukemia associated ETO homologues".

31. Seminar 26th March 2008 (Wed 4:00 pm) Prof. Narendra Nath (Krukshetra)

"Mysteries of the Universe - a perspective".

30. Seminar 25th March 2008 (Tue 4:00 pm) Dr. Swarup Chattopadhyay (Ohio University, USA)

"Biomimetic chemistry at Paramagnetic Nickel(II) center".

29. Seminar 18th March 2008 (Tue 4:00 pm) Dr.Gautam Karan (University of Utah, USA)

"Genetic association of Macular Degeneration with ELOVL4- a model approach".

28. Seminar 17th March 2008 (Mon 3:00 pm) Dr. Arunika Mukhopadhaya (New York)

"Dendritic cell mediated tolerization of autoreactive T cells: a novel therapeutic approach for Type 1 diabetes".

27. Seminar 17th March 2008 (Mon 2:00 pm) Dr. Kausik Chattopadhyay (New York)

"Structural basis of T-cell costimulation by GITR ligand".

26. Seminar 11th March 2008 (Tue 4:00 pm) Dr. Amreesh Chandra (University of Surry. UK)

"Tailored Oxide Ceramics and their Polymer Composites".

25. Seminar 5th March 2008 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. Subhasish Banerjee (RRI, Banglore)

"Phase Distributions in open Quantum Systems".

24. Seminar 3rd March 2008 (Mon 4:00 pm) Dr. Subhendu Rakshit (University of Dortmund)

"Ice Fishing for NeutrinosIce Fishing for NeutrinosIce".

23. Colloquium 28th Feburary 2008 (Wed 11:00 am) Prof. Kankan Bhattacharyya (IACS, Kolkata)

"History of Raman Effect and Resurgence of Modern Science in India".

22. Colloquium 27th Feburary 2008 (Tue 5:00 pm) Prof. Kankan Bhattacharyya (IACS, Kolkata)

"Femtosecond Laser: A new tool to study dynamics in biologicalsystems".

21. Seminar 25th Feburary 2008 (Mon 3:30 pm) Dr. Rajneesh K Gaur

"Structural and Biochemical insights on the mechanism of Ape enzyme".

20. Seminar 25th Feburary 2008 (Mon 2:30 pm) Dr. Arulananda Babu (Osaka Univ, Japan)

"An Emerging, Highly Efficient Metal in Synthetic Organic Chemistry".

19. Seminar 22nd Feburary 2008 (Fri 9:30 am) Dr. Jhumpa Mukherjee

"Inorganic and bioinorganic perspectives of copper(II), cobalt (II) and iron (II) complexes."

18. Seminar 21st Feburary 2008 (Thu 3:00 pm) Dr. Kamal Kapoor (JAMMU)

"Towards greener chemistry: Development of new methodologies and synthesis of heterocycles of biological significance".

17. Seminar 21st Feburary 2008 (Thu 4:00 pm) Dr. Gurunath (IIT, Kanpur)

"Modelling the Green Fluorescence Protein Lumophore- interesting results and some intriguing application".

16. Colloquium 20th Feburary 2008 (Wed 4:00 pm) Prof. Ajay Sood (IISc., Bangalore)

"Nano-Carbon: Graphene and Nanotubes".

15. Seminar 20th Feburary 2008 (Wed 10:00 am) Dr. S. Sinha (SNBCBS)

"Ultracold atomic gases in optical lattice".

14. Seminar 19th Feburary 2008 (Tue 4:00 pm) Dr. S. Anantha Ramakrishna (IIT, Kanpur)

"Focussing the optical near-field using negative refractive index media".

13. Seminar 18th Feburary 2008 (Mon 5:00 pm) Dr. Tucker Carrington Jr. (McGill University)

"Vibrational spectrum of CH5+".

12. Colloquium 30th January 2008 (Wed 4:00 pm) Prof. Ravi. S. Kulkarni (IIT, Bombay)

"Modular Group and its Subgroups".

11. Seminar 25th January 2008 (Fri 4:00 pm) Dr. Boomi Sankar (Liverpool University, UK)

"From multi-anionic phosphazenates to multi-cationic phosphazenium ions: Versatile ligands for molecular assemblies".

10. Seminar 25th January 2008 (Fri 12:00 pm) Dr. Kamal Singh (MPIKS Dresden, Germany)

"Femtosecond Photoionization of Atoms".

9. Seminar 23rd January 2008 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. Pratik Sen (Riken, Japan)

"Structure and Dynamics at Biological Interfaces: A Femtosecond Surface Sum Frequency Generation and Up-conversion study".

8. Seminar 18th January 2008 (Fri 4:00 pm) Dr. Kiran Kumar Maiti (Germany)

"A challenge to explore structure and ultrafast dynamics of protein and peptide using 2D IR spectroscopy".

7. Seminar 15th January 2008 (Tue 4:00 pm) Dr. Kausik Das (Univ of Toronto, Canada)

"Surface Thermal Capacity: A New Property of Fluid-Fluid Interfaces".

6. Seminar 14th January 2008 (Mon 4:00 pm) Dr. Sudip Mandal (UCLA,USA)

"Regulation of cell cycle by mitochondrial signaling".

5. Seminar 14th January 2008 (Mon 3:00 pm) Dr. Lolitika Mandal (UCLA,USA)

"Drosophila as a model for hematopoietic development".

4. Seminar 9th January 2008 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. Sanjay Singh (Cambridge UK)

"Beta-Diketiminate Group 13 Complexes as Heterobimetallic Oxide Catalysts and Phospha(III)zane Based Inorganic Macrocycles".

3. Seminar 9th January 2008 (Wed 12:00 pm) Dr. Dinesh Khurana (PU Chandigarh)

"Rings whose elements have some nice additive decompositions".

2. Seminar 2nd January 2008 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. Abhijit Mitra (New York)

"A new manifestation of Pi-Pi interaction".

1. Seminar 11th June 2008 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. Ramesh C Sharma (Univ of Manchester)