IISERM Colloquia and Seminars - 2016


177. Seminar December 29, 2016 (Thu 03:00 pm) DDr. Ajit Chande Laboratory of Virus-Cell Interaction Centre for Integrative Biology (CIBIO), University of Trento

" A novel family of antiretroviral genes."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

176. Seminar Decemeber 14, 2016 (Wed 04:00 pm) Prof Jagdish K Vij, School of Engineering, Department of Electronic Engineering, Trinity College Dublin.

"Electro-optical effects in bent-core orthogonal smectic phases and spontaneous helix formation in a tilted B2 Smectic phase of an achiral BC system with fast linear electro-optic effect."
"LH-4, Lecture Hall Complex"

175. Seminar Decemeber 12, 2016 (Mon 03:00 pm) Dr. Mridusmita Saikia The Baker Institute for Animal Health, College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, USA

"Exploring Gene Expression at High Resolution."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

174. Seminar Decemeber 09, 2016 (Fri 04:00 pm) Prof. Todd Drumm, Howard University, USA

"Lorentzian Geometries."
"LH-4, Lecture Hall Complex"

173. Colloquium Decemeber 09, 2016 (Fri 04:00 pm) Professor R. J. Dwayne Miller, The Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, The Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging and Departments of Chemistry and Physics, University of Toronto

"Mapping Atomic Motions with Ultrabright Electrons: Realization of the Chemists’ Gedanken Experiment."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

172. Seminar Decemeber 01, 2016 (Thu 04:00 pm) Dr. Arghya Mondal, IMSc Chennai

"Cohomology of compact locally symmetric spaces."
"AB-II 5A"

171. Seminar Decemeber 01, 2016 (Thu 05:00 pm) Dr. Sourav Chatterjee, University of Florida, USA

"Star Cluster Dynamics and Merging Black Hole Binaries."
"Conference room 5B in AB-II"

170. Seminar November 25, 2016 (Fri 05:00 pm) Dr. Hena Das, University of California, Berkeley, USA

"Origin of multiferroicity in the hexagonal manganite and ferrite systems"
"Conference room 5A in AB-II"

169. Seminar November 25, 2016 (Fri 05:00 pm) Dr. Santanu Bakshi, Iowa State University Ames, IA 50011, USA

"Biochar for Environmental Management."
"AB-I, Conference Room, First Floor"

168. Colloquium November 24, 2016 (Thu 05:15 pm) Dr. Partha Ghose, Honorary Scientist of the National Academy of Sciences, India

"The birth of wave-particle duality, quantum statistics and wave mechanics."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

167. Seminar November 22, 2016 (Tue 05:00 pm) Dr. Vikrant Saxena, Center for Free-Electron Laser Science, DESY, Hamburg, Germany

"Simulating laser matter interactions."
"Conference room 5A in AB-II"

166. Seminar November 22, 2016 (Tue 11:00 am) Dr. Pankaj Kumar, Senior Researcher with Geodesy and Navigation Department of the Centre Tecnologic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC)

"Automated Approaches for Information Modelling from 3D LiDAR Point Cloud Data."
"AB-I, Conference Room, First Floor"

165. Seminar November 18, 2016 (Fri 04:00 pm) Dr. Amit Samanta, IIT Kanpur

"Wiener Tauberian Theorem for rank one semisimple Lie groups."
"AB-II 5A"

164. Seminar November 16, 2016 (Wed 11:00 am) Prof. Radha Kessar, City University of London

"Blocks of finite reductive groups and local-global conjectures is representation theory"
"AB-II 5A"

163. Seminar November 15, 2016 (Tue 04:00 pm) Prof. S. R. C. Vivek Chand, Founder & CEO, Sensal Technologies

"Switchable Plasmonic Nanostructures."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

162. Seminar November 15, 2016 (Tue 04:00 pm) Dr. Farooq Azam, Water Resources Systems Division,National Institute of Hydrology Roorkee, India

"Status of Himalayan glaciers: A case study of Chhota Shigri Glacier."
"LH-4, Lecture Hall Complex"

161. Seminar November 11, 2016 (Fri 05:00 pm) Dr. Vikas Vikram Singh (University of Paris Sud)

"Existence and Characterization of Nash Equilibrium for Chance-Constrained Games."
"AB-II 5A"

160. Seminar November 11, 2016 (Fri 03:00 pm) Nayanjot Lahiri, Professor of History, Ashoka University

"Heritage at the Intersection of Politics and People India’s Archaeological Heritage since Independence."
"LH-1, Lecture Hall Complex"

159. Seminar November 10, 2016 (Thu 04:00 pm) Dr. Mithun Biswas Postdoc, Biomolecular Dynamics, University of Freiburg, Germany

"Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Biomolecules: from Structural Dynamics to Protein Folding."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

158. Seminar November 10, 2016 (Thu 04:00 pm) Nayanjot Lahiri Professor of History, Ashoka University

"Ashoka as a Universal Indian- Biography and Archaeology."
"LH-4, Lecture Hall Complex"

157. Seminar November 10, 2016 (Thu 03:00 pm) Dr. Srimonta Gayen Department of Human Genetics, University of Michigan Medical School

"Epigenetic regulation by long non-coding RNAs and histone modifiers through the lens of X-chromosome inactivation."
"LH-1, Lecture Hall Complex"

156. Seminar November 10, 2016 (Thu 03:00 pm) Dr. Ratheesh Kumar, Xinjiang Research Center for Mineral Resources,Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Urumqi, China

"Earth Scope Experiment of integrating geophysical and geological techniques to explore the structure and tectonic evolution of the terrestrial lithospheric provinces."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

155. Lecture November 10, 2016 (Thu 12:00 noon) Dr. Binay Panda, Ganit Labs, Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology (IBAB), Bangalore

"The devil is in the detail: How data integration can help understand key facets of cancer better."
"First Floor Conference Room, AB-1"

154. Seminar November 09, 2016 (Wed 03:00 pm) Ms. Pallavi Kaila

"An 'unusually versatile' glucanotransferase from P. furiosus."
"LH-1, Lecture Hall Complex"

153. Seminar November 08, 2016 (Tue 04:00 pm) Dr. Debashree Ghosh Senior Scientist, Physical and Materials Chemistry Division, CSIR-NCL, Pune

"Understanding electron transfer processes in complex environments - Hybrid QM/EFP approach."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

152. Seminar November 07, 2016 (Mon 04:00 pm) Dr. Ajay K Singh Postdoc, Center of Applied Microfluidic Chemistry, POSTECH, South Korea

"Flask to smart micro-total process machine (u-TPM) for on demand chemical synthesis."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"


151. Seminar November 04, 2016 (Fri 04:00 pm) Dr. Sandeep Sukumaran, Center for Prototype Climate Modeling, New York University Abu Dhabi, UAE

"Response of Monsoon Low Pressure Systems to a Warming Environment."
"LH-4, Lecture Hall Complex""

150. Seminar November 04, 2016 (Fri 05:00 pm) Dr. Abishek Srivastava, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

"Photo Alignment of Nano-Materials (Anisotropic): A New Dimension."

149. Lecture October 31-November 03, 2016 (6:00 pm to 7:00 pm) Professor T Padmanabhan, IUCAA, Pune

"Geometry of Space-Time."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

148. Seminar November 03, 2016 (Wed 05:00 pm) Dr. Tulasi Parashar, University of Delaware

"Kinetic Physics of Turbulent Collisionless Astrophysical Plasmas."
"AB-II 5A"

147. Seminar November 03, 2016 (Wed 04:00 pm) Dr. Panchmi Prabhakaran, Chemistry Department NIT Calicut, Kerala

" Peptides, Proteins and DNA: Inspiring systems to the development of synthetic biomimetic molecules."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

146. Seminar November 03, 2016 (Wed 03:00 pm) Dr. Manish Joshi, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune

"Climate Variability and its Teleconnections with Indian monsoon: An Observational and Modeling Approach."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

145. Lecture November 02, 2016 (Wed 04:00 to 6:00pm) Dr. Partha Chatterjee

"The Rights and Wrongs of Azaadi."
"LH-1, Lecture Hall Complex"

144. Colloquium November 02, 2016 (Wed 04:00 pm) Dr. Jean Paul Thiery, Toh Chin Chye Visiting Professor, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore Research Director CNRS Emeritus CNRS, Matter and Complex Systems University Paris Denis Diderot, Paris, France Research Director Emeritus Inserm and Comprehensive Cancer Center Institut Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France

"Mechanobiology of cadherin-mediated adhesion; impact on liver organogenesis."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

143. Seminar October 28, 2016 (Fri 05:00 pm) Prof. Suman Ahmed (IISER Mohali),

"Root numbers and parity of local Iwasawa invariants."
"AB-II 5A"

Seminar October 28, 2016 (Fri 04:00 pm) Prof. Vrinda Nabar, Kavivarya Bakibaab Borkar Visiting Research Professor and Chair in Comparative Literature, Visiting Research Professors Programme, Goa University "Unveiling the Purdah of the Mind: The Anxieties of Indian Feminism."
"LH-4, Lecture Hall Complex."

142. Seminar October 27, 2016 (Thu 03:00 pm) Dr. Samarendra Maji, Postdoc, Department of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry, UGent, Ghent, BELGIUM

"State of the art polymer architecture design: from industrial to biomedical applications."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex."

141. Seminar October 27, 2016 (Thu 04:00 pm) Prof. Vrinda Nabar, Kavivarya Bakibaab Borkar Visiting Research Professor and Chair in Comparative Literature, Visiting Research Professors Programme, Goa University

"Revisiting Mahabharat: An Individual Perspective."
"LH-4, Lecture Hall Complex."

140. Seminar October 24, 2016 (Mon 04:00 pm) Dr. Amal Kumar Mandal,Postdoc, University of Namur, Belgium

"Organic-Inorganic Nano-Hybrid for Bio-imaging and Optoelectric application."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex."

139. Seminar October 24, 2016 (Mon 04:00 pm) Dr. Viji V. Subramanian,New York University

"Control of DNA Breakage and Repair During Meiosis."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex."

138. Seminar October 21, 2016 (Fri 05:00 pm) Dr. Shilpa Gondhali, University of Haifa

"Higher Toda brackets."
"AB-II 5A"

137. Seminar October 21, 2016 (Fri 05:00 pm) Dr. P. K. Madhu, Dept. of Chemical Sciences, TIFR, Mumbai and TIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences (TCIS), TIFR, Hyderabad

"Structural Reorganization Accompanying Aβ Aggregation."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

136. Seminar October 21, 2016 (Fri 03:00 pm) Dr. Nisha Kapoor, School of Biotechnology, University of Jammu

"Studies on signaling events in Mycobacterium bovis BCG infected macrophages."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

135. Seminar October 20, 2016 (Thu 05:00 pm) Dr. Sudipta Kanungo, (Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solid

"Interplay of spin, lattice and orbitals in the 5d oxides: microscopic insight from first principles approach."
"Conference room AB-I"

134. Seminar October 20, 2016 (Thu 03:00 pm) Dr. Pankaj Kumar, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore

"Structure-Based Drug Designing against Infectious Diseases."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

133. Seminar October 19, 2016 (Wed 04:00 pm) Dr. Pritam Ganguly, Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California at Santa Barbara, USA

"Understanding the stability and the conformational changes of proteins in mixed osmolytes."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

132. Special Physics Seminar October 19, 2016 (Wed 03:00 pm) Professor T.R. Govindarajan, Chennai Mathematical Institute

" Quantum black hole and Hydrogen atom."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

131. Seminar October 18, 2016 (Tue 05:00 pm) Dr. Sandeep Gautam, Universidade Estadual Paulista, Sao Paulo

"Phase Separation and Bright Solitons in Spin-Orbit Coupled Spinor Condensates."
"Conference room AB-I"

130. Seminar October 14, 2016 (Fri 05:00 pm) Prof. Swadheenanada Pattanayak, Institute of Mathematics and Applications, Bhubneswar

"Stochastic Fourier Series."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

129. Seminar October 14, 2016 (Fri 04:00 pm) Dr. Kinjalk Lochan (IUCAA Pune)

"Exploring Quantum Correlations in Curved Spacetime."
"Conference room in AB-I"

128. Special Seminar October 14, 2016 (Fri 02:30 pm) Dr. Johannes Kofler, Max Plank Institute for Quantum Optics (MPQ), Germany.

"Loophole-free test of Bell 's theorem with entangled photons."
"LH-4, Lecture Hall Complex"

127. Seminar October 13, 2016 (Thu 04:00 pm) Dr. Subhanker Bedanta, (NISER Bhubaneswar)

"Effect of anisotropy, interactions and interface on domains and domain walls in ferromagnetic films,"
"Conference room AB-I"

126. Seminar October 07, 2016 (Fri 05:00 pm) Dr. Anuradha Gupta, IUCAA, Pune

"Gravitational waves from black hole binaries."

125. Seminar October 06, 2016 (Thu 04:00 pm) Dr. Ajit Singh, Department of Earth Sciences and Engineering, Imperial College London, UK

"Chrono–stratigraphy, sediment provenance and geochemistry based approaches and their implications in river sciences."
"LH-4, Lecture Hall Complex "

124. Seminar Sepetember 29, 2016 (Thu 05:00 pm) Dr. Shubhabrata Das (Presidency University, Kolkata)

"Controlled Floyd Separation and a Non-Relatively Hyperbolic Group."
"Venue: To be announced"

123. Seminar Sepetember 28, 2016 (Wed 09:30 am) Prof. V Srinivas (TIFR Mumbai).

"Introduction to Algebraic K-Theory."
"AB-II 5A"

122. Special Seminar Sepetember 26, 2016 (Mon 05:00 pm) Dr. Viswesh Marthi (NCRA-TIFR)

"Towards detecting redshifted HI with the Ooty Wide Field Array."
"Conference Room AB-1"

121. Seminar Sepetember 23, 2016 (Fri 06:00 pm) Prof. N. Mukunda (Eminent Physicist and Honorary Professor IISER Mohali)

"The nature of scientific knowledge-some reflections."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

120. Seminar Sepetember 22, 2016 (Thu 05:00 pm) Prof. N. Mukunda (Eminent Physicist and Honorary Professor IISER Mohali)

"On Noether's Theorem in Classical Dynamics Continuous Symmetries and Conservation Laws for physical systems."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

119. Seminar Sepetember 22, 2016 (Thu 03:00 pm) Dr. Suchi Goel Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

"Molecular switching in Plasmodium: Is it the key to its success?"
"LH-1, Lecture Hall Complex"

118. Seminar Sepetember 22, 2016 (Thu 11:00 pam) Professor Syamal Roy, Vice Chancellor Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University, West Bengal and ex-senior Scientist IICB

"Anxiety & creativity: tuberculosis as a metaphor"
"LH-1, Lecture Hall Complex"

117. Seminar Sepetember 15, 2016 (Thu 03:00 pm) Dr. Mainak Guha Roy, VIB Structural Biology Research Center, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium.

"Disordered regions regulate protein degradation by the ubiquitinproteasome pathway "
"LH-1, Lecture Hall Complex"

116. Seminar Sepetember 09, 2016 (Fri 04:00 pm) Dr. Anilatmaja Aryasomayajula (IISER Tirupati)

" Estimates of automorphic forms and the QUE conjecture."
"LH-1, Lecture Hall Complex"

115. Seminar Sepetember 08, 2016 (Thu 05:00 pm) Dr. Amitava Bhattacharya, Rutherford Appleton Lab, UK

TBA (Area is Experimental CMP)

114. Seminar Spetember 02, 2016 (Fri 05:00 pm) Dr. Shameek Paul, CBS Mumbai

"On the fundamental group of hyperelliptic fibrations."
"Venue: To be announced"

113. Colloquium August 29, 2016 (Mon 04:00 pm) Prof Seiichiro Nakabayashi Vice-Rector-Saitama University, Japan

"Nano -Biomechanics for Preventing Cancer Metastasis."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

112. Seminar August 26, 2016 (Fri 04:00 pm) Dr. Buddhananda Banerjee (IISER Kolkata)

"Linear Increment in Efficiency with the Inclusion of Surrogate Endpoint."
"LH-1, Lecture Hall Complex"

111. Seminar August 25, 2016 (Thu 03:00 pm) Dr. Chetan Choithani (PhD, University of Sydney)

"Understanding the linkages between migration and household food security in India."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

110. Seminar August 22, 2016 (Mon 04:00 pm) Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Mishra)

"The multifaceted genetic material: A journey through nucleobases to DNA."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

109. Seminar August 19, 2016 (Fri 04:00 pm) Dr. Rajendra Pant (VNIT, Nagpur)

"Metric Fixed Point Theory And Some Recent Developments."
"LH-1, Lecture Hall Complex"

108. Seminar August 18, 2016 (Thu 05:00 pm) Professor Peter Wong, Bates College, Maine, USA

"What are torus homotopy groups?"
"LH-1, Lecture Hall Complex"

107. Seminar August 18, 2016 (Thu 04:00 pm) Dr. Raj Kumar Roy,BL Researcher, Department of Molecular Design and Engineering Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University, Japan

"Design, Synthesis and Folding of Sequence-Controlled Polymer Chain."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

106. Seminar August 17, 2016 (Wed 05:00 pm) Dr. Abhay Sagade, University of Cambridge

"Interaction between moisture and graphene: permeation encapsulation For the graphene and From the graphene."
"1B, AB-1"

105. Seminar August 16, 2016 (Tue 05:00 pm) Dr. Rajeev Kumar Jain, University of Southern Denmark

"Cosmological Inflation and Primordial Magnetic Fields."
"1B, AB-1"

104. Seminar August 12, 2016 (Fri 05:00 pm) Dr. Santosh Kumar Das, University of Catania

"Probing Quark Gluon Plasma by Heavy Quarks."

103. Seminar August 12, 2016 (Fri 03:00 pm) Dr. Sutanu Roy, ISI Kolkata

" Semidirect product of compact quantum groups."
"LH-1, Lecture Hall Complex"

102. Seminar August 10, 2016 (Wed 03:00 pm) Dr. Saikat Das, Rutgers University

"Relative hyperbolicity of $Out(A_1*A_2*A_3*A_4)$."

101. Seminar August 09, 2016 (Tue 05:30 pm) Prof. Ram Mohan, Department of Chemistry, Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, USA

"Ethics in Research."
"LH-5, Lecture Hall Complex"

100. Seminar August 09, 2016 (Tue 04:00 pm) Prof. Sumedha Chinnari, Malkolak Institute if Marine Studies, Goa

" Peri-vitelline fluid of the fertilized eggs of horseshoe crab – a potential source of bioactive compound."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

99. Seminar August 08, 2016 (Mon 03:00 pm) Prof. Anil Chatterji, Malkolak Institute if Marine Studies, Goa

"Importance of marine organisms in biomedical research."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

98. Seminar August 08, 2016 (Mon 03:00 pm) Prof. Anil Chatterji, Malkolak Institute if Marine Studies, Goa

"Importance of marine organisms in biomedical research."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

97. Seminar August 04, 2016 (Thu 04:00 pm) Dr. Sanchita Sengupta, DST-INSPIRE Faculty, Interdisciplinary Centre for Energy Research (ICER), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

"Molecular and Supramolecular Engineering of Organic Pigments for Optoelectronic Applications."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

96. Colloquium August 03, 2016 (Wed 03:00 pm) Alex Ibhadon, Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, The University of Hull, UK

"People, Planet, Earth Sustainable Synthesis of Fine Chemicals."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

95. Lecture July 22, 2016 (Fri 12:00 am) Mr. Yuji Nishikawa, India Liaison Representative, Japan Science and Technology Society (JST)

"JST activities and the Sakura Science Plan (SSP)."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

94. Lecture July 22, 2016 (Fri 11:00 am) Dr. Dipankar Nandi, IISc, Bangalore

"Infection-induced thymic atrophy."
"LH-1, Lecture Hall Complex"

93. Seminar June 24, 2016 (Fri 04:00 pm) Dr. Pooja Singla (IISc Bangalore)

"Regular characters of general linear groups over principal ideal local rings."
"LH-1, Lecture Hall Complex"

92. Seminar June 14, 2016 (Tue 03:00 pm) Dr. Indranil Banerjee Novartis Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow Friedrich Miescher Institute (FMI Basel) and Novartis, Switzerland

"Influenza virus capsid disassembly: how a hard nut cracks itself to infect cells by carjacking molecular motors."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

91. Seminar June 08, 2016 (Wed 04:00 pm) Dr. Ritobrata Goswami, Assistant Professor, Division of Biological & Life Sciences, Ahmedabad University

"The Nine (IL-9) lives on: Transcriptional regulation of IL-9-secreting T cells and beyond."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

90. Seminar June 03, 2016 (Fri 04:00 pm) Dr. Anurag P. Sunda, DST INSPIRE Faculty, Central University of Haryana, Haryana

"Atomistic Simulations of Protic Ionic Liquids and their Nafion Composite as Anhydrous Fuel Cell Electrolytes."

89. Seminar June 02, 2016 (Thu 04:00 pm) Dr. Debrina Jana, Postdoctoral fellow, Physics Department, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune

"Nanostructured materials and films for functional applications: catalysis, biosensing, plasmonics."

88. Seminar May 27, 2016 (Fri 04:00 pm) Dr. Vikram Singh, Postdoctoral fellow, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, POSTECH, South Korea

"Surface-confined heteroleptic Cu(II)-polypyridyl complexes as photonucleases."

87. Seminar May 20, 2016 (Fri 04:00 pm) Dr. Bimalendu Adhikari, JSPS Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Chiba University

"Supramolecular Polymers of Small Building Blocks: From Molecules to Materials."
"LH-4, Lecture Hall Complex"

86. Seminar May 16, 2016 (Mon 04:00 pm) Prof. Sandeep Kumar, Raman Research Institute, C.V. Raman Avenue, Bangalore

"Playing with Discs."
"LH-1, Lecture Hall Complex"

85. Seminar May 13, 2016 (Fri 04:00 pm) Dr. Sarthok Sircar, University of Adelaide

"Multi-scale modeling in particulate suspensions and biofluids."
"LH-1, Lecture Hall Complex"

84. Seminar May 12, 2016 (Thu 04:00 pm) Prof. Jagdish K Vij, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, Ireland

"Electro-optical effects in bent-core LC systems."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

83. Seminar May 12, 2016 (Thu 11:00 am) Dr. N.C. Mondal, CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute

"Development of scientific methodologies for assessing groundwater dynamics in a tannery belt, Southern India."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

82. Seminar May 06, 2016 (Fri 04:00 pm) Dr. Ajay Singh Thakur, ISI Bangalore

"A Construction of non-Kahler complex manifolds."
"LH-1, Lecture Hall Complex"


81. Special Seminar May 06, 2016 (Fri 11:00 am) Dr. Ashima Bhattacharjee, Ramanujan Fellow, S. N. Pradhan Centre For Neurosciences, University Of Calcutta

"Cellular Redox Perturbations-Implications in Copper Homeostasis Disorders"
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"


80. Seminar April 29, 2016 (Fri 05:00 pm) Dr. Prabhakar Sharma, School of Ecology and Environment Studies, Nalanda University, Rajgir, Nalanda, Bihar, India

"Nanomaterials in Soil Environment."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

79. Seminar April 29, 2016 (Fri 04:00 pm) Prof. V. Chandrasekhar, Director, NISER Bhubaneswar and Department of Chemistry, IIT Kanpur

"New Families of Single-Molecule and Single-Ion Magnets."

78. Seminar April 25, 2016 (Mon 04:00 pm) Dr. Atin Pal, Chemical Physics Department, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

" Noise in graphene and nonlocal transport in InAs/GaSb composite quantum well."

77. Seminar April 25, 2016 (Mon 011:00 am) Dr. Bhaskar Bhadra, Scientist, Industrial Biotechnology (Cell Factory Engineer), Hyderabad

"Technology commercialization with special emphasis on 'Microbial Cell Factory."
"AB-1 conference room"

76. Seminar April 22, 2016 (Fri 04:00 pm) Dr. K. L. N. Deepak, University of Ottawa, Canada

" 3D Micro/nano-structuring of materials using ultrafast lasers towards photonic applications."

75. Seminar April 21, 2016 (Thu 04:00 pm) Dr. Jaivardhan Sinha, S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata

" Magnetization Dynamics of Materials for Spintronics and Magnonic Devices : Investigation Using Current and Light."

74. Seminar April 18, 2016 (Mon 04:00 pm) Prof. George John, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, The City College of the City University of New York, USA

" Functional Materials - Biomass as A Platform for Molecular."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

73. Seminar April 15, 2016 (Fri 04:00 pm) Dr. Srimanta Middey, Department of Physics, University of Arkansas, USA

" Artificial quantum materials with correlated electrons."

72. Seminar April 15, 2016 (Fri 02:00 pm) Dr. Lakshmi Arya, PhD, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

"The Five Blind Men and the Elephant: On the Question of Truth in the Sciences of the West."
"LH-4, Lecture Hall Complex"

71. Seminar April 13, 2016 (Wed 03:00 pm) Dr. Arvind Singh, Physical Research Laboratory

"Bioavailable Nitrogen fluxes in the Northern Indian Ocean."
"LH-4, Lecture Hall Complex"

70. Seminar April 12, 2016 (Tue 04:00 pm) Dr. Rajendra Prasad Pandey, National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee

"Relationship of Regional Climatic Parameters with Drought Characteristics."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

69. Seminar April 11, 2016 (Mon 04:00 pm) Dr. Rajneesh Bhutani, Department of Earth Sciences, Pondicherry University,

"Mantle differentiation during early Earth history: constraints from 146-147Sm-142-143Nd studies."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

68. Seminar April 12, 2016 (Tue 04:00 pm) Dr. Rajendra Prasad Pandey, National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee

"Relationship of Regional Climatic Parameters with Drought Characteristics."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

67. Seminar April 08, 2016 (Fri 02:00 pm) Dr. Niranjan Uppoor, PhD, IIT Kanpur

"Event Representation in Causative Constructions: Figure-ground Alignment of Cause and Effect."
"LH-4, Lecture Hall Complex"

66. Seminar April 08, 2016 (Fri 04:00 pm) Dr. Souvik Chatterjee, Guest Research Associate, Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University

"Ultrashort laser induced manipulation of atoms and molecules."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

65. Seminar April 05, 2016 (Tue 04:00 pm) Dr. Manimala, IISER Mohali

"Probing the Origin of Neutrino Mass with Experimental Searches."

64. Seminar April 04, 2016 (Mon 04:00 pm) Dr. Sandeep Kumar, Central University Rajasthan

"Highly Mn ion doped GaAs nanowires and their transport properties."

63. Seminar April 01, 2016 (Fri 04:00 pm) Dr. Ketan Patel, IISER Mohali

"The Flavour Puzzle and Grand Unification."

62. Seminar April 01, 2016 (Fri 02:00 pm) Dr. K. Paradesi, PhD, IIT Madras

"The Fiscal Performance of the Indian States."
"LH-4, Lecture Hall Complex"

61. Seminar March 31, 2016 (Thu 04:00 pm) Dr. Arindam Indra, Group leader, Technische Universitat Berlin, Berlin, Germany

"Catalysis: from Sustainable Energy Conversion to Organic Reactions."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

60. Seminar March 29, 2016 (Tue 04:00 pm) Dr. Renji Remesan (PhD in Hydrology from University of Bristol, UK), School of Energy, Environment and Agrifood, Cranfield University, United Kingdom

"Quantifying catchment processes under changing climate."
"LH-4, Lecture Hall Complex"

59. Seminar March 28, 2016 (Mon 04:00 pm) Dr. Shiladitya Sengupta, Weizmann Institute of Science, Department of Chemical Physics, Israel

"Dynamics and statics of glass-formers and granular matter via computer simulation and analytic modelling."

58. Colloquium March 22, 2016 (Tue 12:00 pm) Prof. K. Muniyappa, Department of Biochemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

"Molecular Insights into Meiotic Chromosome Pairing From Single - Molecular Analysis."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

57. Seminar March 16, 2016 (Wed 5:00 pm) Dr. Vijay Nair, National Institute of Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, Trivandrum

"Recent Advances in C-C Bond-forming Reactions involving NHC-Organocatalysis."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

56. Seminar March 14, 2016 (Mon 3:00 pm) Dr. Prem Singh Kaushal, NYS-Department of Health Wadsworth Center Albany, NY, 12201 USA

"Cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) studies of ribonucleoprotein complexes: the group II intron and ribosomes."
"LH-3, Lecture Hall Complex"

55. Seminar March 11, 2016 (Fri 4:00 pm) Dr. Haradhan Maity, TIFR Centre for Applicable Mathematics, Bangalore

"Conditional Statistics of Reynolds Shear Stress over Scour-Hole Geometry."


54. Seminar March 11, 2016 (Fri 2:00 pm) Dr. Anindita Sahoo, Amity University, Noida

"Typology vs. Universals through the Lens of Passives."


53. Colloquium March 10, 2016 (Thur 4:00 pm) Dr. Janez Plavec, Slovenian NMR center, National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia

"NMR studies of exciting new DNA topologies"


52. Seminar March 10, 2016 (Thur 3:00 pm) Dr. Sankarasekaran Shanmugaraju, School of Chemistry, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

"Coordination-Driven Self-Assembly of Supramolecular Complexes: From Molecular Design to Potential Applications."


51. Colloquium March 09, 2016 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. Pradip K Chakraborti, Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh

"Towards Understanding Mycobacterial Signaling: A Journey with a Eukaryotic-Type SER/THR Kinase."


50. Seminar March 08, 2016 (Tues 3:00 pm) Dr. Arun Kumar Haldar, Duke University Medical Center, USA

"The Molecular "Kiss of Death": Finding the Enemy Within-How Cells Recognize and Respond to a Microbial Pathogen Hidden in a Vacuole."


49. Seminar March 04, 2016 (Fri 4:00 pm) Prof. Anna Pratoussevitch, University of Liverpool

"Complex Hyperbolic Triangle Groups"


48. Seminar March 03, 2016 (Thur 4:00 pm) Dr. Girish Kulkarni, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge UK

"Small-scale Structure of the Intergalactic Medium and its First Measurement"


47. Seminar March 01, 2016 (Tues 4:00 pm) Dr. Pankaj Kumar, Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, Daejeon, South Korea

"Multi-wavelength investigations of solar eruptions and associated physical processes"


46. Seminar March 01, 2016 (Tues 3:00 pm) Dr. Amit Lahiri, Yale University School of Medicine, USA

"How genetic polymorphisms contribute to inter-individual variation in immune responses ~ making SNPs make sense!"


45. Colloquium February 26, 2016 (Fri 4:00 pm) Prof. Rajiv Sinha, IIT Kanpur

"River Science and River Health: Challenges ahead"


44. Seminar February 25, 2016 (Thur 4:00 pm) Dr. Pintu K. Kundu, Department of Chemistry, IIT Bombay

"Stimuli-Responsive Molecules and Novel Materials"


43. Colloquium February 24, 2016 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. Mustansir Barma, TIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Hyderabad

"Order from Disorder"


42. Colloquium February 22, 2016 (Mon 4:00 pm) Prof. P.K. Ghosh, formerly of IIT Kanpur

"Protein mass spectrometry"


41. Colloquium February 23, 2016 (Tues 11:00 am) Dr. V. Nagaraja, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

"Perturbation of topology modulation"


40. Seminar February 19, 2016 (Fri 4:00 pm) Dr. Chaman Kumar, Indian Statistical Institute Delhi

"Explicity Approximations with varying coefficients: The case of super-linear coefficients"

39. Seminar February 18, 2016 (Thur 2:00 pm) Prof. Animesh Ray, Keck Graduate Institute, Claremont, CA USA

"A measure of genomic robustness through genetic interaction analysis"


38. Seminar February 18, 2016 (Thur 3:00 pm) Prof. Rajendra "Raj" Rathore, Marquette University, Milwaukee, USA

"Development of conceptual understanding of hole transport in pi-conjugated molecular wires using a combined experimental and computational approach"


37. Seminar February 17, 2016 (Wed 3:00 pm) Dr. Smita Sirker, Jadavpur University

"Cognitive Science"

36. Colloquium February 17, 2016 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. Arunaloke Chakrabarti, Department of Medical Microbiology, PGIMER Chandigarh

"Challenges in fungal infections in India"


35. Seminar February 17, 2016 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. Sukumar Vellakkal, PHFI Gurgaon

"India’s National Health Mission and Equity in the Uptake of Maternal Healthcare Testing the effects of program design and 'inverse inequity hypothesis’ using a quasi-natural experiment study design"

34. Seminar February 16, 2016 (Tue 4:00 pm) Dr. Urmidola Raye, Department of Geology, Queen's University , Canada

"The iron isotope ratios of Paleoproterozoic Iron Formations: Implications on sedimentology, oceanography and paleoenvironment"

33. Seminar February 15, 2016 (Mon 4:00 pm) Dr. Ravi Rangarajan, National Taiwan University

"Understanding and reconstructing climate change driven extreme events in Asian monsoon systems using stable isotopic tracers"

32. Seminar February 15, 2016 (Mon 4:00 pm) Prof. Greg Conner, Brigham Young University

"Wild Topology, Group Theory and a conjecture in Number Theory"

31. Seminar February 12, 2016 (Fri 3:00 pm) Dr. Tamal Das, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Stuttgart Germany

"Mechanobiology of Collective Cell Migration"


30. Seminar February 12, 2016 (Fri 4:00 pm) Dr. Vaibhav Wasnik, Saarland University Germany

"Protein localization in biological systems"

29. Seminar February 11, 2016 (Thur 4:00 pm) Dr. Debabrata Patra, University of Zurich

"Colloidal Capsules: Self-assembly of Nanoparticles at Liquid-Liquid Interface"


28. Seminar February 10, 2016 (Wed 4:00 pm) Dr. Rajesh Gupta, ICTP

"Black Hole Entropy and Holography"


27. Seminar February 09, 2016 (Tues 4:00 pm) Dr. Sandeep Kumar, Lund University, Sweden


26. Public Lecture February 06, 2016 (Sat 11:00 am) Professor C N R Rao

"Doing Science in India"

25. Seminar February 04, 2016 (Thur 3:00 pm) Dr. Rajesh N. Patkar, National University of Singapore

"A Chemical Bond That Breaks Plant Innate Immunity"

24. Colloquium February 02, 2016 (Tue 3:00 pm) Dr. Shiv Grewal, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland USA

"Epigenetic genome control by non-coding RNAs and its implications for human diseases"


23. Seminar February 02, 2016 (Tue 4:00 pm) Dr. Amit Mishra, IIT Kanpur

"Aerosol Variability and its Climatic Implications: Present & Future Challenges"


22. Seminar January 29, 2016 (Fri 4:00 pm) Dr. Koushik Sen, Wadia Institute, Dehradun

"Geodynamic evolution of the intra-continental Karakoram Fault and its bearing on India-Asia collisional tectonics"

21. Seminar January 29, 2016 (Fri 4:00 pm) Prof. Jasbir Chahal, Brigham Young University

"Application of number theory to some geometric problems"

20. Seminar January 28, 2016 (Thur 4:00 pm) Dr. Ajay Singh Nagpure, Centre for Science Technology and Environmental Policy University of Minnesota, Twin Cities USA

"Urban Infrastructure, Environment, and Health"


19. Seminar January 28, 2016 (Thur 4:00 pm) Dr. Kamlesh Kumar, Eindhoven Universityof Technology, Netherlands

"Principles and applications of liquid crystals and liquid crystal polymers"
"LH-1, Lecture Hall Complex"

18. Seminar January 25, 2016 (Mon 3:00 pm) Dr. Bappaditya Dey, Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

"Development of strategies for protection against Tuberculosis"

17. Seminar January 25, 2016 (Mon 4:00 pm) Dr. Felix Bast, Centre for Plant Sciences, Central University of Punjab Bathinda

"Phylogeography and Phylogenetic Systematics: Disentangling the Tangled Bank"

16. Seminar January 22, 2016 (Fri 3:00 pm) Dr. Siva Kumar Vallabhapurapu

"Balancing the Act:"Regulation of the NF-kB signaling in normal homeostasis and disease" "

15. Colloquium January 20, 2016 (Wed 4:00 pm) Prof. Iain Stewart, Sustainable Earth Institute, Plymouth University UK

"Communicating geoscience through the popular media"


14. Seminar January 18, 2016 (Mon 3:00 pm) Dr. Ravinder Kumar Kaundal, Department of Immunobiology, Yale University School of Medicine

"Legacies of Past Environmental Exposures: novel models and methods"

13. Seminar January 15, 2016 (Fri 4:00 pm) Dr. Thomas Sicking, University of Goettingen, Germany

"The dimension problem for groups and Lie rings"

12. Seminar January 14, 2016 (Thur 4:00 pm) Dr. Sajal Dhara, University of Rochester

"Electron transport and circular photogalvanic effect in nanowires"


11. Seminar January 13, 2016 (Wed 12:00 noon) Dr. Bhaswar Ghosh, Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology, Marburg Germany

"Cellular Noise Suppression and Optimized Information Processing in Yeast Mating Pathway"

10. Seminar January 13, 2016 (Wed 3:00 pm) Prof. Anindya Dutta, IIT Bombay, Mumbai

"Ultrafast dynamics in molecules and materials"

9. Seminar January 12, 2016 (Tues 03:00 pm) Dr. Abhishek Kumar, Molecular Genetic Epidemiology, Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum DKFZ, Heidelberg, Germany

"Genomic applications in Basic to Translational Biology"


8. Seminar January 11, 2016 (Mon 04:00 pm) Dr. Arabinda Halder, National University of Singapore

"Reconfigurable Magnonics: A Brillouin Light Scattering Spectro-microscopy study"


7. Seminar January 11, 2016 (Mon 03:00 pm) Dr. V. V. Robin, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Tata Insitute of Fundamental Research, Bangalore

"Islands within sky islands of Western Ghats revealed from genetic and song divergences"


6. Seminar January 08, 2016 (Fri 04:00 pm) Prof. Phoolan Prasad, IISC Bangalore

"Power Series Solution, Cauchy-Kowalevskaya Theorem and Classification of PDE"


5. Seminar January 08, 2016 (Fri 04:00 pm) Dr. Pankaj Sharma, The University of Adelaide, Australia

"High Energy Physics@LHC: A TOP Perspective"

4. Seminar January 07, 2016 (Thur 04:00 pm) Dr. Anupam Roy, University of Texas at Austin, USA

"Molecular Beam Epitaxy Growth and Characterization of Layered Chalcogenides"

3. Seminar January 06, 2016 (Wed 03:00 pm) Prof. Dr. Christophe LEN, University of Technology of Compiegne (UTC), France

"Aqueous excursion in organic chemistry"

2. Seminar January 06, 2016 (Wed 04:00 pm) Prof. Virinder S. Parmar, University of Delhi

"Biocatalytic Synthesis of Novel Polymeric Nanoparticles: Applications in Health and Industrial Sectors"


1. Seminar January 05, 2016 (Tue 04:00 pm) Prof. Jagdish K Vij, Trinity College, The University of Dublin, Ireland

"Recent discovery of a new nematic phase - Twist Bend Nematic Phase"