Engaging Science:Dialogues across disciplines Conference


Engaging Science: Dialogues across disciplines: This meeting was held at IISER Mohali from March 31 - April 1, 2012. This meeting initiated a dialogue with the academic community to explore the intersections of science, technology and society. The idea was to expand the notion of merely ’doing science’ at IISER Mohali to one of understanding, thinking about and interrogating the various facets of scientific knowledge production as they intersect with human life. How do developments in Science and technology shape human life and environment? How do human values reflect the nature of research in science and technology? Do arts and sciences actually inhabit two different worlds or are there overlaps? What are the social and psychological impacts of our increased engagement with technology? How has the history of science shaped world history and vice-versa? In the shaping of working scientists and their world view what role do the humanities and social sciences play? This two day conference will engage with questions that lie at the interface of science and society. Prof. Dhruv Raina,JNU Delhi; Prof. Sundar Sarukkai, Manipal University; Prof. A.P. Shukla, IIT Kanpur; Prof. P.R.K. Rao,IIIT Hydrabad; Prof. T. Jayaraman, TISS Mumbai and Prof. Nagarjuna, HBCSE, Mumbai gave invited talks. In addition, a call for abstracts was advertised. 10 scholars were selected to present their papers.