KVPY Summer Camp



KVPY Summer Camp at IISER Mohali was organized during May 21-26, 2012. In this camp more than 100 KVPY scholars from all over the country spent a week at IISER Mohali learning about science through lectures, demonstrations and experiments. The talks were organized so as to expose the KVPY scholars to a variety of themes including social sciences. The camp was inaugurated by Director IISER Mohali Prof. N. Sathyamurthy and the KVPY national convener Prof. Chandrasekaran delivered the first lecture on Greening the Chemistry Curriculum. The speakers were chosen from diverse fields of science and social science and included Dr. Sandeep Sahijpal (Panjab University Chandigarh), Dr. Gopal Srinivasan (IIT- Bombay), Dr. Rahul Siddharthan (IMSc Chennai), Dr. Anantha Ramakrishna (IIT Kanpur), Dr. Ganeshaiah (GKVK Bangalore), Dr. Anish Dua (GNDU Amritsar) and Dr. Ravi Chand Singh (GNDU Amritsar). Faculty members from IISER Mohali who delivered lectures during the camp included Prof. Jasjeet Singh Bagla, Prof. Somdatta Sinha, Dr. Arunkia Mukhopadhaya, Dr. Mandip Singh, Dr. Sanjay Mandal, Dr. Amit Kulshrestha, Dr. Vinayak Sinha, Dr. Anu Sablok and Prof. S. K. Khanduja. The entire IISER faculty played a crucial role by volunteering in various capacities. The chemistry demonstrations were organized by Dr. S. A. Babu, Dr. R. Vijaya Anand, Dr. S. V. Rama Sastry Sripada and Dr. K. R. Shamasundar. The biology demonstrations were organized by Dr. Mahak Sharma and Dr. Kavita Babu. The physics demonstrations were organized by Dr. Mandip Singh, Dr. R. S. Johal and Dr. Sanjeev Kumar. The mathematics demonstrations were organized by Dr. Mahender Singh and Dr. Yashonidhi Pandey. Dr. Kavita Dorai, Dr. Sanjay Mandal and Dr. Samrat Mukhopadhyay organized student visits to research facilities in CAF. The overall camp organization was coordinated by Dr. N. G. Prasad. IISER Mohali student volunteers participated in a big way in the organization of this camp and in particular in the process of showing science demonstrations to the KVPY scholars. They were guided by the faculty and the demonstrations were organized by the Outreach Centre of the Institute.