Discussion Meeting on Group Theory



The Discussion Meeting on Group Theory sponsored by the National Board of Higher Mathematics was organized by Dr. Krishnendu Gangopadyay and Dr. Mahender Singh at IISER Mohali during May 08 - 11th, 2014.

The conference had a total of 31 participants (14 faculty, 17 students ) from different parts of the country. The aim of this meeting was to bring together group theorists in India, and hold discussions on several aspects of modern day research on the topic. Emphasis of the meeting was on finite and computational group theory. However, some topics in geometric group theory, representation theory and related topics were also included. The discussion provided up to date information of current themes of research in group theory. A novel feature of the meeting were special sessions on GAP (Groups, Algorithms, and Programming) software that has been proven to be an essential computational tool in understanding of groups. Main topics that were covered in the meeting were: Representations of finite groups, Automorphisms of p-groups, Conjugacy classes and their generalizations, Group rings, GAP.