Conference on Nonlinear systems and dynamics , CNSD 2015: March 13-15, 2015


The Conference on Nonlinear systems and dynamics  organized by Prof. Sudeshna Sinha and Prof. Somdatta Sinha during March 13-15, 2015 was the ninth of a very successful conference series, organized periodically with a view to bring together researchers with overlapping interests in nonlinear dynamics on a single platform and foster exchange and collaboration among the young and senior researchers who work in areas spanning a wide range of disciplines that use the language and tools of nonlinear dynamics. CNSD-2015 drew around 150 participants. There were 17invited talks from leading active researchers from around India, as well as a couple from Germany, one from Japan and one from USA. There were 38 contributed talks, which ran in parallel sessions, and 50 poster presentations.
The themes encompassed integrable systems and solitons, Hamitonian chaos, quantum chaos, time delay systems, non smooth dynamical systems, dynamics of patterns, synchronization and coupled systems, fractals and multifractals, time series analysis, networks, nonlinear dynamics in engineering sciences, nonlinear phenomena in astrophysics, complex biological systems, plasma and magnetohydrodynamics, nonlinear optics and chemical kinetics.
The participants of CNSD15 appreciated the scientific content and ambience of the meeting. The conference had very high scientific level, very good presentations and a novel aspect that was much appreciated was the participation of people even from  Biology and  engineering.