1st CRIKC Chemistry Symposium (CCS2019)






The first edition of the CRIKC Chemistry Symposium (CCS-2019), a chemistry symposium between CRIKC institutions, was held during Nov 2 and 3, 2019. This symposium aimed at providing a platform for interaction and fostering collaborative and interdisciplinary chemistry research among all CRIKC institutions. During the symposium, eminent scientists from National Institutions delivered plenary lectures and the faculty of CRIKC institutions delivered talks on their research activities in different domains of Chemical Sciences. In addition, students also got an opportunity to present their research in the form of posters.

The first edition of the CRIKC Chemistry Symposium (CCS-2019) was held at IISER Mohali and it was organized by the department of chemical sciences, IISER Mohali along with IIT Ropar, Panjab University, INST Mohali and NIPER Mohali.

The organizing committee Patrons: Prof. Siva Umapathy, Director (Officiating), IISER Mohali (Patron-in-Chief), Prof. Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor, Panjab University, Chandigarh (CRIKC Advisory Committee Chairman), Prof. S. K. Das, Director, IIT Ropar, Prof. Hirendra N. Ghosh, Director (Officiating), INST Mohali, Prof. Raghuram Rao Akkinepally, Director, NIPER Mohali.

Organizing Secretary and Chairman: Dr. S. A. Babu, Department of Chemical Sciences, IISER Mohali.

Conveners: Prof. K. N. Singh, Panjab University, Chandigarh, Dr. T. J. Dhilip Kumar, IIT Ropar, Dr. Kamalakannan Kailasam, INST Mohali, Dr. Sankar K. Guchhait, NIPER Mohali, Dr. Rohit Kumar Sharma, Panjab University, Chandigarh.

Treasurers: Dr. Sabyasachi Rakshit, IISER Mohali Dr. Kamalakannan Kailasam, INST Mohali.