Science Day Celebration


Science Day was celebrated on February 28, 2013 with a program organized by our students for the school students of the region. The program was coordinated by the Outreach Centre of the institute. Around 200 school children from the region participated in the program and this time the program was advertised in newspapers to expand the basin of attraction to schools of the region and not just the tricity area. The program took place in the lecture hall complex and a variety of events were organized. Dr. N. G.  Prasad was the overall coordinator and was ably aided by several faculty members including Prof. Viswanathan,Dr. Mandip Singh, Dr. Abhishek Chaudhuri, Dr. Vijaya Anand, Dr. Amit Kulshreshta and Dr. Rajesh Ramachandran, Prof. I. B. S. Passi, Dr. Anu Sabhlok, Prof. J.S. Bagla,Prof. T. R. Rao, Prof. Arvind and Dr. Vinayak Sinha. Dr. Sanjay Mandal, Dr. Kavita Dorai and Dr. Samrat Mukhopadhyay helped in showing the visitors around the various research facilities in CAF. A stimulating science quiz which also included a component for citizens was organized. The programme also involved taking the school students through demonstrations of experiments in various science laboratories of the Institute. There were several demonstrations aimed at a younger target audience. An open session of school students with scientists from IISER Mohali was organized where  questions from students were answered by the faculty.