Dr. Suman K. Barman
Assistant Professor, Chemical Sciences

Email skb(AT)iisermohali.ac.in
Phone  +91 9452035275
Fax +91 172 2240124
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Research Area: Bio-Inorganic Chemistry, Catalysis

Research Focus

One of our research interests involves bio-mimetic synthetic structural and functional model study of metalloenzymes. In this context, we focus on understanding the role of microenvironment in enzymatic processes. Characterization of short-lived intermediates relevant to enzymatic processes is an important part of our research. With combined structural, spectroscopic, and kinetic studies we try to understand structure-function relationship for bio-mimetic processes.

We are also interested in exploring catalytic processes involving organic transformation, and small molecule activation like reduction of proton, carbon dioxide etc. Further, we pay our attention in understanding reaction mechanism and thermodynamic driving force for catalytic processes.

Selected Publications

  • Suman K. Barman, Jason R. Jones, Chen Sun, Ethan A. Hill, Joseph W. Ziller, and A. S. Borovik, “Regulating the Basicity of Metal−Oxido Complexes with a Single Hydrogen Bond and Its Effect on C−H Bond Cleavage”, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2019, 141, 11142−11150.
  • Suman K. Barman, Joan Cano, Francesc Lloret and Rabindranath Mukherjee, “Single-Molecule-Magnet FeII4FeIII2 and Antiferromagnetic FeIII4 Coordination Clusters”, Inorg. Chem. 2019, 58, 8086–8099.
  • Suman K. Barman, Totan mandal, Debasis Koley, Francesc Lloret and Rabindranath Mukherjee, “A Phenoxo-bridged Dicopper(II) Complex as a Model for Phosphatase Activity: Mechanistic Insights from a Combined Experimental and Computational Study”, Dalton Trans. 2017, 46, 4038–4054.
  • Suman K. Barman, Francesc Lloret and Rabindranath Mukherjee, “A Bioinspired Dinickel(II) Hydrolase: Solvent Vapor-Induced Hydrolysis of Carboxyesters under Ambient Conditions”, Inorg. Chem. 2016, 55, 12696–12706.
  • Himanshu Arora, Suman K. Barman, Francesc Lloret, and Rabindranath Mukherjee, “Isostructural Dinuclear Phenoxo-/Acetato-Bridged Manganese(II), Cobalt(II), and Zinc(II) Complexes with Labile Sites: Kinetics of Transesterification of 2-Hydroxypropyl-p-nitrophenylphosphate”, Inorg. Chem. 2012, 51, 5539–5553.