Dr. Sudeshna Sinha
Professor , Physical Sciences

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 ORCID ID 0000-0002-1364-5276
Research Area
Nonlinear Dynamics
Research Focus

Control, Synchronization, Complex Networks, Pattern Formation & Self Organization in Complex Systems, Applications of Chaos to Computation, Logical Stochastic Resonance

Selected Publications

  • Sudeshna Sinha, "Noisy Uncoupled Chaotic Map Ensembles Violate the Law of Large Numbers" Physical Review Letters, vol. 69 (1992) 3306-3309.
  • D. Biswas and Sudeshna Sinha "Classical Resonances and an Arbitrary Trajectory Quantization Scheme for a Chaotic System" Physical Review Letters, vol. 71 (1994) 3790-3793.
  • Sudeshna Sinha and D. Biswas, "Adaptive Dynamics on a Chaotic Lattice" Physical Review Letters, vol. 71 (1993) 2010-2013; Featured in News & Views (Nature)
  • Sudeshna Sinha and W.L. Ditto, "Dynamics Based Computation" Physical Review Letters ,vol. 81 (1998) 2156-2159; Featured in Top Stories of 1998 (AIP Physics News), Scientific American, MIT Technology Review, New Scientist, Science News, Economist, New York Times
  • T. Munakata, Sudeshna Sinha and W.L. Ditto, "Chaos Computing: Implementation of Fundamental Logical and Arithmetic Operations and Memory by Chaotic Elements'',
    IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, vol. 49 (2002) 1629-1633.
  • Sitabhra Sinha and Sudeshna Sinha,  "Evidence of universality for the May-Wigner stability theorem for random networks with local dynamics", Physical Review E (Rapid Communication), vol. 71 (2005) 020902; Featured in Trends in Ecology and Evolution, News and Views (Nature)
  • K. Murali, Sudeshna Sinha, W.L. Ditto, A.R. Bulsara "Reliable Logic Circuit Elements that Exploit Nonlinearity in the Presence of a Noise-Floor" Physical Review Letters, vol. 102 (2009) 104101; Featured in Physical Review Focus,  Scientific  American, Science News,  New Scientist
  • D. N. Guerra, A. R. Bulsara, W. L. Ditto, Sudeshna Sinha, K. Murali, and P. Mohanty, '"Noise-Assisted Reprogrammable Nanomechanical Logic Gate'', Nano Letters, vol. 10 (2010) 1168-1171
  • Sudeshna Sinha, "Chimera States are Fragile under Random Links'', Europhysics Letters, vol. 128, 40004 (2019); Editor's Pick, Highlighted in Europhysics News
  • A. Choudhary, J.F. Lindner, E.J. Holliday, S.T. Miller, Sudeshna Sinha and W.L. Ditto, "Hamiltonian neural networks predict order and chaos'', Physical Review E, vol. 101, 062207 (2020);  Featured in Phys.org, Science Alert,  EurekAlert!,  ScienceDaily