Krishna Moreshwar Shende

Research Scholar

Supervisior Name:- Dr. Kavita Dorai
Email:- ph19032(AT)  
Department:- Physical Science
Research:- Algorithmic cooling, Polarization transfer.


    1. A radio halo surrounding the brightest cluster galaxy in rxcj0232.2–4420: a mini-halo in transition? Ruta Kale, Krishna M Shende, and Viral Parekh. Monthly Notices of the Royal AstronomicalSociety: Letters, 486(1):L80–L84, May 2019.
    2. Experimental demonstration of optimized quantum process tomography on the IBM quantum experience. Akshay Gaikwad, Krishna Shende and Kavita Dorai. International Journal of Quantum Information0, 2040004 (0).
    3. Implementing efficient selective quantum process tomography of superconducting quantum gates on the IBM quantum processor. Akshay Gaikwad, Krishna Shende, Arvind and Kavita Dorai.