Research Scholar

Supervisior Name:- Dr. Raju Attada, Assitant Professor
Email:- ph20017(AT)  
Department:- Earth and Environmental Sciences
Research:- The Himalayas, also known as the Water Tower, are a high mountain terrain with a complex interaction between atmosphere and topography. The complexity of the terrain and the high meteorological diversity make this region the most attractive to the research communities. Due to warming world, the changes in atmospheric conditions over the Himalayas cause in extreme precipitation events, flash floods, cloud bursts, river flooding, and landslides. Aim of my research is to understand and predict the monsoon rainfall and extreme rainfall events over the Himalayan mountains and downstream regions.


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  2. Rohtash, Dipti Tiwari, Dr. L. N. Thakural, Dr. M. K. Choudhary (2018). Rainfall Trend Analysis for Chaliyar River Basin in Kerala. International Journal of Advance Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology, IJARIIT volume- 2, Issue 2, March -April 2018.