Super-Zeno effect on an NMR Quantum Computer

The super-Zeno effect can be used to freeze evolution of quantum states. Our group has achieved the first experimental demonstration of this effect on an NMR quantum computer. The image shows the reconstruction of a quantum state after a super-Zeno preserving sequence. More details in: Harpreet Singh, Arvind and Kavita Dorai, Physical Review A, 90, 052329 (2014).

Studying Diabetes using NMR-based Metabolomics

While it is known that high body mass index (BMI) plays a key role in the evolution of type-2 diabetes mellitus, the exact mechanism of its contribution is still not well understood. Our group, in collaboration with a drug discovery and development company Connexios Life Sciences Pvt Ltd., has used NMR-based metabolomics to identify 19 potential biomarkers for the onset of diabetes in subjects with a high BMI. More details in: Navdeep Gogna, Murahari Krishna, Anup Mammen Oommen and Kavita Dorai, Molecular BioSystems, 11, 595 (2015).


Quantum Parity with an NMR Qutrit


A qutrit is a three-level quantum system and is the simplest system to exhibit contextuality. A quantum algorithm was recently proposed to find the parity of a permutation using a single qutrit. Our group has demonstrated the first experimental exploitation of a single qutrit to achieve a computational speedup on an NMR quantum computer. More details in Shruti Dogra, Arvind, Kavita Dorai, Physics Letters A, 378, 3452 (2014).